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More information

If you want to read more about the Bill, then this page has a list of places you can find more information. There are links to the Bill itself, press articles, and online resources. If you know of any more that should be here, please let us know.

Press Coverage

New bill will not halt stifling of UK business
Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | Yesterday in parliament
Guardian Unlimited: June 14th 2006
BBC NEWS | Politics | Ministers slammed on red tape law
BBC News, 8th June 2006 - Red tape plan 'went badly wrong', 8th June 2006
BBC NEWS | Politics | Rail funding fear from watchdog
BBC News, 7th July 2006
Why Murphy’s law is a threat to democracy >>
The Business Online: May 14, 2006
Comment is free: An act for parliament
The Guardian Unlimited: May 6, 2006
BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Government amends law change bill
BBC News: May 4, 2006
Safeguards added to red tape law | OUT-LAW.COM
Out-Law: May 4, 2006
Move to quell red tape Bill fears | the Daily Mail
Daily Mail: May 3, 2006


Radio & Television

Law in Action: BBC Radio 4, March 21, 2006
Featuring Daniel Finkelstein and John Spencer QC, around 21 minutes in.
Sunday AM: BBC One, March 19, 2006
Clare Short voices her opposition during the paper review, around 20 minutes in.
The Today Programme: BBC Radio 4, February 22, 2006
The programme discusses the LRRB.

Legal Resources

House of Lords - Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform - Twentieth Report
The Governments list of amendments, published 4 May 06


Online Resources

Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill at
Run down of the bill's progress through the Commons which analysis of ammendments
NewsNow: Abolition of Parliament Bill
A very useful site which collects together lots of Bill-related news.
Phil Peter: The Abolition of Parliament
Our very own Phil Peter writes about the Bill on the Conservative Home website.
Squidoo: Save Parliament
The latest LRRB-related news and blog articles.
Enabling Tyranny
A good writeup of the Bill from the "Many Angry Gerbils" blog.
Wikipedia's LRRB Aticle
Info on the LRRB from Wikipedia.
Technorati LRRB search
Search thousands of blogs for comments on the LRRB. Totalitarianism Bill Archives
Murky, blogging very effectively against the bill.
Spy Blog
Spy Blog do an excellent job going into the details.
Right Links LRRB Campaign
Right Links also have a page campaigning against the bill.

Some Background

The Enabling Act
A very similar piece of legislation which was passed in Germany in 1933.
UK Parliament
The history and function of Parliament in the UK.
Magna Carta
The first time citizens were protected from the abuse of power by the state.

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