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House of Lords - Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform - Twentieth Report
The Governments list of amendments, published 4 May 06
Government amends Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill
Government's press release on their amendments to the Abolition of Parliament Bill
The Lords Constitution Committee
The LCC wrote a letter to the Lord Chancellor, objecting to the wide-ranging powers in the Bill.
Regulatory Reform Committee: Second Special Report
March 21, 2006. This is the governments response to the recommendations of the first report.
Regulatory Reform Committee second press release
February 15, 2006
Regulatory Reform Committee press release
February 6, 2006
Regulatory Reform Committee: First Special Report
January 31, 2006
First Procedure Committee Report
A report on the Bill by the House of Commons Procedure Committee: March 14, 2006
LRRB Research Paper
A reseach paper on the Bill by the Library of the House of Commons.
Proceedings of Standing Committee A
February 28 - March 6, 2006
The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill (141)
The Bill as amended by Standing Committee A.
The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill (111)
The original text of the Bill.

Related Resources

Henry VIII Redux
A briefing paper from law firm Clifford Chance.
The Politician, March 2006 issue
The Politician magazine has three good articles on the Bill, with lots of good information. You can download the magazine in PDF format after signing up for a free account.
Law Society brief
February 9, 2006
New Politics Network briefing paper
Febraury 24, 2006
Letter to Andrew Miller MP from Jim Murphy MP
A letter from Jim Murphy to Andrew Miller explaining the Government's intent to ammend the bill for better regulation alone.
Hansard Society LRRB seminar
The Hansard Society held a seminar on the Bill on March 17. The notes will be available on their website soon, apparently.
Hansard Society LRRB briefing paper
Not part of the government, but the Hansard Society do keep a close eye on them.