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This section of the site is for those of you who would like to take further action, and join the campaign against the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill. Over the next few days, we'll be expanding this area to provide all the information you need to fight back against the destruction of Parliament.


To get involved in the campaign, all you have to do is sign up.

4171 people have already signed up, and many more join us each day. People from all over the country are getting involved, and we've got more than half of the constituencies in the UK covered.

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We have to keep getting the word out there. The more people that know about this Bill, the better. With this in mind, we've created some fliers that you can download, print out, and hand around. Perhaps hand them out to friends, leave some in the kitchen at work, or even hand them out on the street.

Flier 1Flier 1(2 per A4 sheet) - 60k PDF
Flier 2Flier 2(2 per A4 sheet) - 1.8M PDF
Flier 4Flier 2(2 per A4 sheet) - 143k PDF
Flier 5Flier 2(4 per A4 sheet) - 120k PDF


We also have a poster that you can print out and stick on noticeboards at work, at school, in your local shop, anywhere you like.

Poster 1Poster 1(A4) - 260k PDF

More fliers, posters, and leaflets are being designed as we speak, and will be available here as soon as they're ready.