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What Can I Do?

Join the Campaign

In order to stop the "Abolition of Parliament Bill", we need your help!

Give us your details, and we'll keep you posted with what's happening, and what you can do to stop it. We'll also let you know when there are things going on in your local area that you can get involved in.

We promise not to send you any spam, and we will of course not pass your details on to any other organisation. Your data will be kept strictly private.

Write to your MP

Writing to your MP is a powerful tool. If an MP receives just a couple of letters on a subject, it can be enough to highlight an issue, and just a few more can be very powerful indeed. So few people write to their MPs that each letter counts much more than you would think. And remember, they exist to serve you, not the other way around.

Writing to your MP is also very very easy. Simply head over to WriteToThem, enter your postcode, and type your letter. It doesn't have to be long, or complicated, or anything like that. Just write what you want, and make your voice heard.

You can also write to your MP and question him/her on the way they voted during the Report Stage and Third Reading of the bill. To find out which way your MP voted on this important subject simply type your postcode in the box below:

How did your MP vote?
Your postcode:

Writing to your MP is especially important if you have a Labour MP, and even more so if you have one who tends to rebel against the government.

Also, while we're on the subject of MPs, if you're interested in what your MP has been up to, you can check at TheyWorkForYou.

Stay informed

Keep up-to-date with the latest news on the progress with the bill and our activities by subscribing to our blog. We also have a account that you can subscribe to using the RSS feed.

Tell your friends

The only way to stop this kind of abuse of power is if people know about it. Please tell your friends, family, colleagues, and everyone else you know about this. Email them a link to this site, or perhaps send them one of the newspaper articles that have been written on the topic. Discuss it down the pub, over coffee, on radio phone-ins, wherever. The more people who know about what is going on, the better chance we have of stopping it.

If you have any contacts in the media, no matter whether it's in TV, radio, or even a small local newspaper, tell them about this issue. We need to let the mainstream media know that this is of major significance.

Link to this site

If you have a website, please consider placing a link to this site on it. The more incoming links we have, the higher we will rise in the search engines, which can only help to raise awareness. We have some graphics and code that you can use to link to the site.

Find out more

There is plenty more information out there on the subject. There are newspaper articles, websites, blogs, campaigns, all sorts of things. Find out all you can; democracy only works if the electorate (that's you and me) are informed about what is happening in our name.

Get involved

The Save Parliament campaign needs you! If you'd like to do more than what we've suggested above, take a look at our campaign area, and find out about other ways to help us stop the Bill! We've got fliers, leaflets, posters, and all sorts of other things to help you spread the word, and we'll be organising other ways for you to voice your objections in the future.

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